Engin Group offers Marketing and Trade Marketing services to its business partners.

The company aims to offer the best products and services to the end users with its expert teams analyzing the market dynamics and by meeting the demands and expectations of its business partners.

The basis of the marketing activity at Engin Group is to ensure that the end consumer gains the habit of use. Thus, the company ensures that the products are available at points to reach the end user, they are offered properly at such points, and the availability at the point of sale is maintained.

The company activates the sale team at this point, and persuades the intermediaries to make the products available and be sold. Working in collaboration with the sales department, the Trade Marketing team organizes trade promotions to facilitate the job of the sales department. The purpose of these promotions is to facilitate the jobs of the intermediaries, and thus, making sure that they stand by the brands.

Engin Group carries out the marketing and trade marketing activities by understanding its customers and working with them throughout the entire process. The company acts with the thought that the strong ties with the end consumers pass through the valuable customer channels.

The mission of Engin Group on its journey to be the best in its class and of future is to deliver the brands to the end consumers as fast as possible.


Engin LTD carried out its overseas distributor operations in Azerbaijan.