Engin Group bears the World’s responsibility.


Engin Group works with numerous brands, customer channels, and retails companies in Turkey and overseas. The company touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day with its business approach in all stages of the business. The company bears responsibility against humans, nature, and Earth.

Future for everyone.


Thus, future for everyone is the most important thing of the business approach. Sustainability activities are based on the foundation of utilizing the resources appropriately. Risks are identified in advance as part of the business plan, the resources are directed to the right channel, and we always act with the awareness that the resources are limited.


Engin Group believes that the greatest legacy which can be passed to the next generations is business etiquette, people-oriented approach, and the power of creating a sustainable business model.

Engin Group maintains its activities with the aim of fulfilling its responsibilities against the stakeholders in the corporate culture and relations with the employees and their families.